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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Will the device work with any computer or operating system?
A: Yes

2. What is the best position for placing the device?
A: Please refer to the user manual that came with the device

3. Q: I have lost the user manual-can I get a spare copy.
A: Yes, please download PDF file from the following link: User Manual

4. Q: Can I make a modification to the device?
A: We do not recommend it and this will invalidate any product warranties

5. Q: Does the device guarantee to protect my eyes?
A: There are no 100% guarantees and each individual will respond differently. The product is designed to be effective against computer vision syndrome affecting normal eyes. People wearing glasses only with no other eye problems is classed as normal eyes. For those individuals having other eye diseases the product is not known to have any deleterious effects but may have less usefulness in benefits. In the case of any concerns arising in connection with pre-existing eye diseases we can recommend that a discussion is had with your caring healthcare professional.

6. Q: Will the device claws damage the screen?
A: Any peripheral device if used incorrectly or attached forcefully can damage existing hardware. We advise user discretion at determining an effective attachment of the device.

7. Q: Are there other causes of headaches/eye strain apart from blinking issues?
A: Yes. High glare screens, small font size, incorrect glasses, eye diseases (severe dry eye, iritis, glaucoma), migraine etc

8. Q: Can I use the device to store data?
A: No the device is locked. Any modifications can damage the software and invalidate the warranty

9. Q: Can I not have a blink reminder method loaded on the corner of my computer screen as a software add on?
A: The sizing has been determined based on magnification, distraction considerations by our specialist eye surgeons. On screen versions are shown to be less effective.

10.Q: Can I alter the blink rate?
A: No. The rate has been set at 10 times per minute as a minimum acceptable rate for eye protection based on scientific evidence under the expert advice of consultant eye surgeons.



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